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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eid Mubarak

السلام عليكم 

كُل عَام وَأَنْتُم بِخَيْر

President - 2010
Sri Lanka Islamic Students' Movement

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome Program for the Freshers

We have conducted the Freshers Welcome program for the Faculty of Engineering Muslim students University of Peradeniya on 20th of July 2010 from 9.30am to 5.00pm at Rehans Hotel, Kandy. This program is organized according to the request made by the final year Muslim students of engineering faculty of Preadneiya University. 30 students had participated on this event and benefited.

As per the comments received from participant, this was a marvelous program which helped them to changed their aims and life direction into a better way.


01. To ensure continuous studies in the challenging environment

02. To promote the impact of good characteristics of a Student.

03. To guide them the to contribute towards a healthy University environment

04. To discourage the rag among the university students.

This program was lead by Br.M.S.A.Muneer – President, Central Region, SLISM.


Program’s Topic


How to win

Br.M.S.M.Faris - Lawyer

The need of Balance Approach

Br.M.N.A.Munsif - President, SLISM

Purpose of Life

Dr.M.M.M.Mowjood – Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya

Practical Aspects of Practicing Spiritual life

Ash-Sheikh Ridwan (Islahi) – National Organizer, SLISM

Prize Giving Ceremony for the Essay competition

We are living in an era where most of our ancestors, especially Islamic Scholars have been criticized severely pointing their defects. We should never forget their contribution to this religion.

Imam shafi’e was one among the most famous scholars. We could conduct an essay competition among shariah students in the theme of “LIFE OF IMAM SHAFI’E AND HIS VARIOUS CONTRIBUTIONS” last year. Almost 53 number of students participated on this essay competition Island wide. The objective of this program would be,

1. To give an opportunity to Sharee’a students to prove their talent.

2. Motivate to learn about the biographies of influencing individual like Imam Shafi’e.

We could hold the prize giving ceremony for the winners and participants on 01st of August 2010 at Ummul Maleeha Auditorium, Al-Jeelan Central College, Panadura. This program was organized as a part event of Western Regional Da’wa Muasker.


01. 1st Place, 10,000 Rs: Master. M.R.Rizwan

02. 2nd Place, 7,000 Rs: Miss. Nismiya Ibraheem

03. 3rd Place 5,000 Rs: A.J.M.Hanas

04. 10 consolation prices: 10 Persons

05. Certificate for all participated students.

May Allah accept our intention, reward us and help us.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All Island Workers' Muaskar 2010

SLISM annually launch their worker's gathering during tail end of March/ Rabiul Akhir. This year it was held on 26th and 27th of March at Dharul Hasanath Madrasa, Hemmathagama, under the theme of "Join hands towards the goal". Around 450 workers throughout the Island took part on this iconic event of SLISM.

Deputy Director of Jamiya Naleemiya As-sheikh Agar Mohamed (Naleemi), As-sheikh H.M. Minhaj (Islahi), Principal of Islahiyya Arabic College As-sheikh M.U.M. Ramzy and Ameer, Sri Lanka Jamath-e-Islami Usthaz Rasheed Hajjul Akbar were the resource personals' and they shared their valuable knowledge to young workers.

As-sheikh Agar Mohamed delivered his speech on the topic of "Purpose of life" for three hours. He explained the purpose of human life in a wonderful way that's unique to him. In a nut shell he elaborated about the man's victory on sky and earth but he fatally failed to know him. Furthermore, he failed to recognize his creator and failed to thank him. Purpose of human creation, what the duties of man in this world and where he is heading towards are explained thoroughly by As-sheikh Agar Mohamed using simple but various examples.

It's important to note that As-sheikh Agar Mohamed gave away another speech on "Concept of Da'wa and its important in the contemporary world". As-sheikh Minhaj (Islahi) spoke about the "Challenges faced by youth in the field of Da'wa. "Spiritual life of a Da'ee is the topic of Usthaz Ramzy as he is well equipped with the topic. The theme speech was delivered by Ameer Sri Lanka Jamath-E-Islami Usthaz Rasheed Hajjul Akbar on "Join hands towards the goal".  In between these speeches, different poems, songs and competitions were held to make this event a special for the young workers.



Friday, March 12, 2010

Leadership Training Program for School Prefects

Leadership Training Program for School Prefects. 

A leadership training Program for the School prefect has been organized at T.P.Jaya Muslim Maha Vidyalaya by the School Education Secretary of Sri Lanka Islamic Students' Movement as per the request of relevant school administration on 02nd March of 2010. 

Br.M.N.A.Munsiff (President, SLISM), Br.M.H.M.Rinos (School Education Secretary, SLISM) and Br.S.A.Asker Khan (Executive Director, Knowledge Box) conducted program on Character Building and Leadership Qualities and Team activities. 

Forty number of students participated and benefited. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shura Training Program

National Organizing body of Jami'yyat Talaba had organized a Training program for all Regional and Branch Shura Members on 04th of February at Darul Iman. In this event, new  structural format of a branch and future planing of National Organizing were displayed. And the planing of School Education, Higher Education, Shareeah Education and Tharbiya also were presented. Eventually the participants commented of this program with enthusiasm.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Workers' Muasker - 2010

Jam'iyya has decided to conduct it's Workers' Muasker on coming 27th & 28th of March at Al-Hasanat Children Home(Darul Hasanat), Hemmatagama. All branches have been asked to prepare a Magazine for the Muasker, criteria of the magazine already given Regional Nazim. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Islamic Orientation Program for O/L Students - 2009

A much Awaited program in the Jammiyath Thalaba calendar is the 5 Days Islamic Training program for boys who completed their Ordinary Level Examination. The above program of training is conducted with the motive of education the participants on Islam and encouraging them in da'wah activities by utilizing their holidays after completing their G.C.E O/L Examination.

This year The five Day Islamic Orientation Training Program was held in Island wide. The Places and other Details of this program are here...

Date start
Date end
Western  Kal-eliya 42 29-Dec-2009


Br.Malik (islahi)
Panandura 21 29-Dec-2009


Thihariya 14 30-Dec-2009


Beruwala   30-Jan-2010


Nigombo   18-Jan-2010


Eastern  Palamunai 64 1-Jan-2010


North West Bandarakoswatta 114 1-Jan-2010


Central  Hemmathagama 40 30-Dec-2009


Uyanwatta 41 28-Dec-2009


Mawenella 65 5-Jan-2010


Delgahaoda 49 1-Jan-2010


Ulappana 40 1-Jan-2010


North Eastern Kinniya 33 13-Jan-2010


Total 523

Central Council Members 2010

We are Pleased to inform you that the Central Council Members of Sri Lanka Islamic Students' Movement for the year of 2010(30th Years of Jamiyya) has been nominated in the Annual General Meeting held on 24th & 25th December 2009

Nazim                               Br.M.N.A.Munsif  (0777336264)
General Secretary              Br.S.M.Sufiyan(Naleemi)  (0777004565)
Finance Secretary              Br.M.A.M.Ali  (0773631533)
National Organizer             Br.M.R.M.Rilwan(Islahi)  (0773950466)
Tharbiya Secretary             Br.M.H.M.Ajmal (0777918751)
Higher Edu Secretary         Br. M.W.M. Sakir Husain  (0772344784)
School Edu Secretary         Br.M.H.M.Rinos  (0713057134)
Shareeah Edu Secretary     Br.A.J.M.Shihan(Naleemi)  (0718121706)

Regional Nazims
Central region Nazim                    Br.M.S.A.Muneer  (0714145234)
Western Region Nazim                  Br.M.R.M. Rimzan  (0772618973)
North West Region Nazim             Br.H.M.M.Haris  (0774248466)
Eastern Region Nazim                   Br.A.K.A.Shihad(Islahi)  (0777562711)
Norht East Region Nazim               Br.Nafis  (0773619331)

We would like to continue the relationship with your Organization and hope you would appreciate and contribute with us in our future activities.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Regional Da’wa Muasker - 2009

Its pleasure to announce that the Jam'iyya has conducted the Da'wa Muasker for the year of 2009 at five main places in the Country targeting the students and the Youth age between 16-26.

Theme of the Muasker: "Let us join the delightful journey: and step in the way to Paradise"



Date & Time


No of Ptc




North Western

04/12/2009  3.30pm to 9pm

Zahira National College, Putalam


The present faces of Shaitan

Ash-Sheikh A.CA.Mazahir






05/12/2009 4pm to 9pm

Al-Hiqma College,Colombo - 12


The present faces of Shaitan

Ash-Sheikh A.CA.Mazahir


Main Duty of Youth (Sinhala speech)

Moulavi Mahir






22/11/2009  4pm to 9pm

Mahawathe Jum'a Masjid, Mawanella


The present faces of Shaitan

Ash-Sheikh A.Wajid


Those who desire Paradise

Ash-Sheikh Husni Mubaraq






05/12/2009 4pm to 9pm

Al-Manar Central College, Maruthamunai


The present faces of Shaitan

Ash-Sheikh A.Wajid



Ash-Sheikh M.J.M.Mansooor


North Eastern

06/12/2009  4pm to 9pm

Kinniya Central, Kinniya


The present faces of Shaitan

Ash-Sheikh A.Wajid


Theme ( Due to bad climate the Speech did not conducted)

Ash-Sheikh M.J.M.Mansooor





Currently we are focusing on the follow up programs.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Da'wa Muasker - Date and Places

Each region will conduct the Regional Muasker separately, and the details are as follows,


Date & Time


Contact Person

North Western

04th of December – 3.30pm to 9pm

Zahira NationalCollege, Putalam

Br. Haris : 0774248466


05th of December – 4pm to 9pm

Al-Hiqma College,Colombo - 12

Br.Ridhwan : 0773950466


22nd of November – 4pm to 9pm

Mahawathe Jum’a Masjid, Mawanella

Br. Murtaza : 0773654795


05th of December – 4pm to 9pm

Br. Sajeeet : 0777418342

North Eastern

06th of December – 4pm to 9pm

Kinniya Central, Kinniya

Br.Faizer : 0772271233

For More Information, please contact br.Husni ( national Organizer) : 0777412170.

We cordially invite all youth and students to take part in the journey toward Paradise.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Regionl Youth Convention ( Da'wa Muasker) - 2009

Sri Lanka Islamic Students' movement happy to announce that our regional Da'wa Muaskers will be held on the months November and December in each five region seprately Insha Allah.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dealing with a Childs Fears

Specialists in child psychology think that in his first year a child may show signs of fear when hearing a sudden noise, or if something falls suddenly, and so on. A child may be afraid of strangers starting from the age of approximately six months, and in the second year a child may be afraid of many things such as animals, cars, slopes, water, etc.

In general, females show more fear than males, and the intensity of the fear may vary according to the intensity of the childs imagination; the more imaginative a child is, the more fearful he may be.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ramadan Appeal

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Presidents and General Secretaries of SLISM